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School season | Yison is sending you a shopping list
In the golden September, it is the beginning of the school season again.
The beginning of school is a new beginning, but there are also changes that I don't want to face. 

Make-up exams, classroom exams, the price of my favorite taco has increased, the male god is with the school flower,
and although I have lost weight, I have been accused of gaining weight, starting school, but I haven't bought Yison's new model yet.

The tight learning environment occasionally requires pleasure in adversity.
Exercise in leisure time, release in games on indulgent nights, listen to music and read books in the library, wear headphones by the school lake, and enjoy the unique tranquility while watching the calm lake.

Music is always the Garden of Eden for the soul.
The pressure of learning, the accumulated bad emotions caused by conflicts between couples, and the helplessness of the cafeteria aunt's hands getting more and more trembling can all be released when the headphones are on and the music is played.

Good music is not easy to find, and the headphones on the market are even more dazzling. Therefore, as the school season approaches, Yison presents you with a shopping list to help you prepare for a new start and embark on a new journey.

【Earphone section】
"Music is the starting gift for schooland earphones are the best choice. Combining with music,make earphones your second eardrum"
yesW41-Celebrat   Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
  1.Adopting the latest Bluetooth chip, the connection is faster and more stable, with stronger signals and lower latency. Paired with a charging compartment, the total battery life for listening to music can reach up to 24 hours, making it a hassle free day to play.
  2.Stereo sound effect, medium, high, and low-frequency frequency division performance, bringing IMAX cinema level stunning audio enjoyment.
  3.Ergonomic design, comfortable fit with the curve of the ear, lightweight and more comfortable to wear.
  4.Changing the image of traditional earphones, using transparent material design, various new color schemes, and a trendy appearance suitable for a more avant-garde you, always becoming the focus of the campus.

yesA33-Celebrat   Headphones
  1.Bluetooth headphones, high protein earmuffs for more comfortable wearing, built-in 40mm large dynamic sound unit, enjoy stunning stereo sound.
  2.Ultra strong endurance, continuous use time up to 8 hours.
  3.Wired and wireless switching is optional, with a foldable design that is more portable and a telescopic arm that is more versatile.
  4.ANC noise reduction, even in noisy places such as playgrounds, canteens, squares, etc., is as quiet as listening to music alone at home.

yesG21-Celebrat   Wired Earphones
  1.Private molding with innovative exterior design; The ear canal fits firmly and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  2.Metal plug for smoother signal transmission, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance.
  3.TPE material is used to create the wire body, which is soft and durable, with tensile strength and longer service life.
  4.Walking on the shady path, watching the withered yellow leaves fall, enjoying the surging bass in the earphones, the picture is heartwarming.

yesSE1-Celebrat   Wireless Sports Earphones
    1.Magnetic suction storage, gently put down to automatically absorb, preventing the earphones from being thrown around when not in use.
    2.In-ear design, strong airtightness without leakage. Made of soft material, it bends freely and feels more comfortable on the skin.
    3.800mAh high capacity battery with long battery life.
    4.When exercising on the playground, enjoy the HiFi sound quality in your earphones, bringing you a strong sense of immersion.

yesGM5-Celebrat   Gaming Headphones
  1.Powerful compatibility, suitable for desktop computers, laptops, 3.5mm jack phones, PS4, PS5, and more.
  2.The large earmuffs are breathable and skin friendly, ensuring long-lasting wear without discomfort. Not limited by posture, soft and adaptive.
  3.40mm speaker unit, with a surging sound field and stunning sound effects that are clear to the ear.
  4.On the night of indulgence, put on headphones in the dormitory and enter the game battlefield to feel every sound of footsteps, gunfire, and explosions.

"Put 1000 songs in your pocket  
Put Yison products in your backpack"
【Charging section】
"Inject powerful energy into your electronic device, allowing you and your device to quickly recover vitality"
yesC-H9--Celebrat   Smart Charger
  1.Three USB ports for fast charging, allowing multiple devices to charge simultaneously through three ports.
  2.Multiple safety protection: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short -circuit protection, and overheating protection.
  3.Efficient charger, leaving more time for you. One charger can meet the charging needs of the entire dormitory.

yesHB-11--Celebrat   Charging+Data Cable
  1.The surface has a black and white texture, and the TPE smooth thread has a flexible touch, making charging more powerful.
  2.Double pull rod telescopic, automatic cable retraction when not in use, flat cable storage, compact and non tangled.
  3.A line with three different ports, can charge three different devices simultaneously.

yesPB-05--Celebrat   Power Bank
  1.10000mAh capacity, ultra-thin and lightweight magnetic suction, no data cable required, reducing equipment burden.
  2.LED light display, clear and visible battery level, easy to control.
  3.The magnetic bracket facilitates vertical and horizontal drama tracking, and polymerized lithium batteries make it safer to charge quickly while following dramas.

"The sense of security depends on the battery level of the phone. 
Put Yison products in your backpack 
 Let your sense of security be in your hands"
【Fresh section】
yesSW8ProMAX-Celebrat   Smart Watch
  1.Various functions such as socializing, making phone calls, receiving text messages, and listening to music can all be completed on your wrist.
  2.Equipped with a 24-hour heart rate monitoring function, it has upgraded multiple common exercise modes to meet the needs of different sports enthusiasts.
  3.Super strong standby, low-power chip+algorithm optimization, enabling standby time of up to 45 days.
  4.It contains puzzle games that can help children complete thinking training during their growth process and stimulate their potential.

yesF3-Celebrat   Protable Fan
  1.Innovative dual turbine blade and pore design, strong wind gathering, double wind force, and free switching of three different wind speeds.
  2.U-shaped neck, four point locking, silicone material, skin friendly for more comfortable wearing.
  3.Turbine noise reduction, low noise<25dB, will not let the noise disturb the mood.
  4.In summer, the stuffy environment can easily make it difficult to concentrate in class. With this portable fan, it creates a comfortable and cool environment.

"Pack the stuffy summer into the passionate youth
Pack Yison products into your backpack
 Let Yison accompany you to grow together"

Device battery low
Let Yison products bring you a sense of security
In the scorching summer
Let Yison's products bring you a hint of coolness.
Five tones, seven tones, and twelve modes
with a touch of thread that touches the heartstrings
Let Yison Audio narrate the flowing years.

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