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Come experience the pleasure of riding a rocket!

The bulky charger is not portable, the data cable is easily tangled, the cable interface is often broken and damaged, and the charging speed is like a turtle crawling...


In daily life, there are many headache problems when charging devices. Chargers and charging cables, as essential electronic device accessories in daily life, have already become the key to whether people can enjoy a better life in the high-tech era.

They provide a convenient, stable, and safe charging method, keeping our electronic devices fully charged at all times, allowing us to feel at ease in work, study, and entertainment.


Choosing high-quality chargers and charging cables can provide long-lasting energy support for our electronic devices, making our lives more convenient and comfortable.

Therefore, YISON brings you a heavyweight charging series of products, using brand new chips and exclusive designs to break industry barriers and upgrade user experience.



As a passionate mobile game enthusiast, the most unpleasant thing is that my phone runs out of battery halfway through playing games. Inserting a straight charging cable reduces the operating sensitivity by more than half.


Don't panic, the demands of mobile game enthusiasts, YISON to satisfy! Specially developed this thoughtful charging cable, the Celebrat—HB-16.


Charging is not only a function, but also a convenient way of life. Let this charging cable help you win games and no longer affect the gaming experience due to low battery.



As a office worker with multiple devices, the most troublesome thing is that the devices are running low on battery at the same time, if you cannot find a suitable charging cable to charge them, you will miss out on many important information.


Don't panic, the demands of all the office workers, YISON to satisfy! We have specially developed this multi in one charging cable, Celebrat—HB-11.


Charging new favorite! Our charging device is powerful and supports multiple devices to charge at the same time, allowing your electronic products to be satisfied at once! Improve your work efficiency with this charging cable.




Living a fast-paced life, lying on the sofa at night, watching funny short videos, making friends on social media... That's a good choice to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But a low battery on your phone can make you even more tired and anxious after a busy day.


Don't panic, everyone's charging demands, YISON to satisfy! We have specially developed this fresh charging cable Celebrat CB-33.



Say goodbye to the trouble of low battery, charging devices help you enjoy more battery reserves! Let this charging cable give you a rare time to relax after a busy day, and indulge in a brief and comfortable experience.


How much battery does the mobile phone have,

Determines how much security I feel!



Celebrat Fast Charger C-H12, Meet the simultaneous charging of three devices, support multi-protocol fast charging, and the maximum power of three ports is 30W, Built in intelligent recognition chip, fast charging with multiple safety protections, LED light intelligent digital display voltage, real-time monitoring for safer operation, Mainstream appearance style, bright textured white, with LED silver lens embellishments, and three USB ports

Charging cannot be delayed for a moment! Our charging device can quickly charge, keeping your phone in a high-energy state forever!



We should fully value the use of high-quality charging equipment and ensure that we have reliable charging solutions at all times to meet the demand for electricity in our daily lives.


Your charging needs, let YISON meet them. A series of high-quality and high-performance charging devices provide you with a more comfortable and convenient life.


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