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Unmatched performance experience, new product debut!

As one of the oldest forms of art, music can be found in almost any culture and has an irreplaceable special charm.

Whether it's happiness or sadness, joy or melancholy, music can immerse people and express their deep emotions.


Music is the seasoning of life, meeting the needs of different genres with high-quality headphones.

Pop, rock, classical, electronic Create immersive music enjoyment through the full frequency range reproduction ability of headphones.

YISON has launched multiple new products
allowing you to experience the unique charm of each piece of music and embark on your own private music time. 


Music is not just music.

Come on, from different melodies.

Claim your moment of freedom. 


Reinventing Fitness Fun

14mm large dynamic speaker

Enjoy the unique charm of dynamic music

Celebrat--W51  TWS

Wireless Earbuds

Shield the surrounding sound.

Listen to the sounds of nature.
Comfortable wear, empowering sports. 

Improve study efficiency

Full frequency high sound quality

Create a private music space

Celebrat--W52  TWS

Wireless Earbuds

pure sound quality and stable connectivity.

HIFI high-definition sound quality.
the best learning companion.

Enjoy freedom music

360°panoramic sound effect

Open a borderless music world


Bluetooth Headset

Large capacity, low-power consumption battery.

Surging sound quality.

Enjoying music anytime, anywhere.

Explore the Infinite World of Music.

Start with a good pair of headphones!


Shuttle through crowded city streets, the E-series wired headphones will meet your dual obsession with music and fashion.
Unique design and fashionable appearance make you a focal point on the street.



In ear design,  comfortable to wear.

accompany the world's wonderful music.
easy to operate with one hand.


Unlock the music

world with new

TWS earbuds


T200 Pro TWS allow you to break free from the constraints of wired music and enjoy the pace of dynamic music to the fullest.
Whether it's sports, travel, learning, fashion, work or family, it creates a comfortable, free, and high-quality music experience for you!


YISON is not only about launching a new product, but also to meet your pursuit of quality living.

Each process is carefully picked and inspected to ensure the perfect performance and durability of the product.

YISON firmly believes that these new products will become your right-hand man in life, meeting your various needs.


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