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Casting team, self-refresh|YISON cohesion training
The same piece of iron can be sawed and destroyed, or forged into steel;
the same team can do nothing, or can also have achievement.


In order to create a positive and progressive team atmosphere, tap the potential of employees,
and make the team more cohesive and explosive, YISON organized all employees to go to
the outdoor training base,and conducted 2 days and 1 night of excellent team development training.

Training documentary:Day 1

Collective departure

At 7:40 am on July 1, all employees set off from YISON headquarters for the destination——outdoor training base.

The hot sun and the air was hot, but it did not affect the passionate state of the elite of YISON. After arriving , all members quickly entered the state under the guidance of instructors. After a series of overtures of distributing rooms and distributing clothes, the intense and wonderful expansion training began.

Team building

"Forget who you are here," the instructor used to kick off the outward bound.After a series of team building activities, including "team leader selection, team name selection, formation calling and team flag painting", the Brave Team,  Team and Wolf Team displayed their positive mental outlook on team building results.


There are no new and old colleagues here, just the captain and teammates;No fear and retreat, only courage and challenge; solve problems in mutual help, create miracles in unity.


Outdoor picnic

You wash vegetables, I burn fire, he is responsible for cooking tomatoes and eggs, she is responsible for cooking fish, other members responsible for washing dishes. The division of labor is clear. Members from different places show great culinary skills and use the simplest ingredients to make delicious dishes comparable to the chef's standard.


Road to success

After 1 day of training, each member used up a lot of energy, but no one flinched halfway, still keep training.Each member's hands are deck, feet are pier.Everyone held his breath and clasped his hands together, even if his hands were scratched and bruised, and his face was hit, and insisted on gnashing his teeth until the last member through the bridge.


Campfire party

The 3 teams worked together and rehearsed 6 wonderful programs within 1 hour through their own creativity, including singing song series, dynamic dance, and  fashion show...!​​​​​​​

During the performance, colleagues' performances were amazing and let us know another side of each other.
In the laughter, we held a birthday party for the members of July birthday.


Training documentary:Day 2

High altitude challenge​​​​​​​

After the first day of training, the members put in a lot of physical, mental and endurance effort.The next day members face the early morning sunshine, set up on time, energetic to start a new round of challenge.

We are No.1

This project is composed of 3 projects, namely, taking water through air, passing at high speed, and sitting up and down together.Completed within the specified time, tested the tacit understanding and cooperation ability between each team member.

Over the high wall

The 4.2 meter high wall, 50 members without any tools, in 30 minutes all through.It seems impossible.

The weather changed, and the rain poured down, eyes mixing with sweat and hard to open their eyes.
The rain drenched their bodies, the cold made them tremble.


When the challenge was successful, the tears mixed with sweat, the rain ran down everyone's cheeks,
deeply moved and proud of each team member's heart.


Group photo,witness growth

During 2 days and 1 night time, we feel very deep.The true team spirit is that all the members concentrate on every job,
closely link themselves with the team,and have the courage to challenge themselves. Only in this way can the team remain
invincible in the fierce marketing competition and make the impossible become possible.

Everyone of YISON, working together with joy, will closely follow the company's development strategy,
make concerted efforts, constantly improve the team competitiveness, provide high-quality products and 
services for the market, and always be ready to meet new challenges.

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