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Good luck in the new year | YISON embarks on a new journey
Good luck in the new year

On February 24, YISON  ushered in the first day of the New Year's workday. Through the lively ceremony,
all YISON partners were full of vigor to start the new year's journey.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Lion Dance

Sound of drums and music mingled together. And the mighty and domineering lion dance began a wonderful performance in front of the company's gate,
jumping from time to time. Congratulations and other difficult actions, attracted the audience's passion.

With gongs and drums all the way, the lion dance spread the auspicious "Good Luck " to every corner of the YISON Building,
and the scene was filled with a strong happy atmosphere.

The start-up red envelope



Receive red envelopes! Receive red envelopes! Accept the start-up red envelope, gather your energy, and work hard!


2021 renewed glory

Lion dance is a traditional custom, but also a vision for a better life. We believe that in the new year, all YISON partners will turn the vision of
a better life into everyone's actual actions. In 2021, YISON will ride the wind and waves and create greater glories!


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