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Nothing can stop you to pursue a better life
Every day is everyone's life, the people we meet, the things we meet, the things we see, the sounds we hear, the weather changes we feel.....in the changes that happen every day, what remains unchanged is our pursuit of a better life. Everyone's definition of a good life is different, but it must be accompanied by music.

Good artifacts are the carrier of a good life. Since its birth, audio products have been following the footsteps of people in pursuit of a better life. With the help of scientific and technological progress, audio products have been adapting to people's needs and constantly evolving.

As time goes on, the sound quality and function of audio products are getting better and better.YISON launched Hanker series of audio products, so that beautiful music can bring more pleasure to a better life.

One click noise cancellation
Noise, no more appear

The hustle and bustle of traffic on the commuter road, the rumbling sound of machinery running on the construction site beside the road...There are noises everywhere in our lives. Noise not only interferes with and affects our lives, but also affects our hearing and hearing health. Faced with ubiquitous noise interference, it is necessary to take action as soon as possible to protect the health of both ears. When noise is unavoidable, you can wear professional noise cancellation earphones to stay away from the noise. Hanker-H1 noise cancellation wireless earphones make the world quiet in just one second! H1 is equipped with professional active noise reduction technology and advanced audio technology, which can effectively block the influence of noise. H1 can turn on the powerful active noise cancellation with one click, blocking the noise from the wonderful life.

Release your hands
Wonderful melody, accompany all the way

The most important thing about driving out is safety. Answering the phone by car has become the "invisible killer" of traffic accidents. What should I do if suddenly receive a call from boss or customer while driving? How to ensure safety without missing important calls? A pair of touch control Hanker-H2 true wireless earphones solve this dilemma for you. When the call comes, tap the earphones twice to answer the call. The true wireless design and touch control completely liberate your hands holding the steering wheel, which can not only avoid illegal driving, but also ensure safety. At the same time, H2 stereo sound makes wonderful music accompany you all the way.

Release yourself
Youth, dancing freely

Youth is a wonderful time in life. For young people, youth is an attitude and spirit that guides their life all the time.Young people's style of clothing, hobbies, favorite types of music...it's all about young people expressing themselves.The hanker-H3 wireless headphones have a metallic look that makes stylish as a single decoration. Protein leather earmuffs are soft as marshmallow, and can be matched with adjustable head beam to make the growing young people feel comfortable and painless. With 18 hours of endurance, you can easily using from the morning to sunset.

Wake up creativity
Inspiration, gushing out
Faced with the deadline approaching day by day, the scheme has been revised, and the White-collar workers are faced with the work without clue. The inspiration exhaustion is "the last straw that kills the camel". The first aid method of inspiration exhaustion——wake up creativity with music! Hanker-H4 Bluetooth speaker, stereo sound effects presents each song, let the tense brain relax, inspiration like spring water.

Singing loudly
Music, fun party

Family and friends are indispensable to a good life. On the free weekend after a busy week, make an appointment with family or friends and bring Hanker-H5 multi-function Bluetooth speakers for a picnic. Breathing the fresh air, singing in the arms of nature. Hanker-H5 built in high power dual speakers, surging sound, surround stereo sound effect, which can make the party more exciting.

YISON Hanker series, for a better life, special for you!

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