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Have it, you can enjoy Karaoke in the living room!
Since the COVID-19 epidemic, KTV has been shut down and reopened several times due to the impact of epidemic prevention and control and home quarantined. Do you remember the last time you went to sing karaoke? KTV were a popular place for gatherings. Now less and less people go there. And more and more KTV close.
Friends who usually like karaoke gatherings gather on the online karaoke platform. Many people who are bored at home sing on the online karaoke platform.They soothe their restless emotions. They warmly accompany other people. And they cheer each other...

(The above pictures come from Internet)
Do you feel that there is something missing compared with KTV when you are looking at the screen of mobile phone, using the microphone of mobile phone and the microphone of headset to sing online.
What is missing? ——Large display screen, microphone and lighting effect.

A set of professional karaoke equipment is too expensive. Have YISON New Arrival OS series wireless speaker, and you can enjoy karaoke in your living room!

【Good recommendation】



Portable wireless speaker

There is a groove on the top of the speaker, which is convenient for placing the mobile phone when you connect your mobile phone to projection TV. Dynamic beats, colorful lighting effects, make the party happily!


Portable wireless speaker

Open your favorite playlist, connect to the OS-07 speakers. You will be surrounded by surging sound effects, and release your all pressure! 

Multifunctional wireless speaker

The colorful stage lighting of OS-02 multifunctional wireless speaker covers the living room 360 degrees. It allows you to feel the atmosphere of KTV at home.
Have OS series wireless speakers, your living room becomes a KTV in seconds.let's enjoy singing!
YISON——Audio Expert

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