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Have a look,YISON Christmas party is very interesting
YISON all staff spent a joyous and warm Christmas party together. Let us review the wonderful moments of Christmas party.
YISON Christmas part
 The scene of YISON Christmas party was beautifully lit. Christmas trees was decorated with colorful lights, balls, stars and so on.Here is full of joyful Christmas atmosphere.

Joyful Christmas music surrounded every one in the party. YISON staff tasted delicious food together. Delicious food and skewers of fragrant meat are satisfy with taste of foodie .It's finger lickin' good!

Happy game
Here was fun game time: the members of each team take turns to contest. Everyone made efforts to win in the competition. Here was a lot of laughter at the scene.

Christmas  gift
How can Christmas be without gifts? Every YISON staff received a warm Christmas gift from the company.

YISON staff received joy and blessings at the Christmas party. The bell of the new year is about to ring.Let us wave to say goodbye to the extraordinary 2021.With good blessings and joy, we enter a new year hand in hand!

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