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2023 YISON Mid-Autumn festival BBQ party wonderful review
On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, we held a wonderful barbecue party together.
On this day of full moon reunion, everyone gathered together and spent an unforgettable night together. Let's review the exciting moments of this barbecue party together.

As night fell, the barbecue venue was illuminated by beautiful neon lights, and the tempting and delicious meat skewers on the grill filled the air.
Amidst the smoke, everyone was busy but full of happy laughter.


Food is the most direct sensory enjoyment for everyone, with a variety of delicious dishes such as rich grilled meat, fresh seafood, cool and refreshing fruits that make people salivate.
Everyone showcases their cooking skills and shares the joy of delicious food during the barbecue.


In addition to delicious food, various interesting activities were also prepared at the party. The hot circle game, where friends sweat and showcase their accuracy to the fullest.
There are also fun interactive games such as lantern riddles and archery competitions, which bring joy to a climax.


Harvest in September, Passionate Mid Autumn Festival
Yison's companions gathered together happily, looking at the moon together
Games, food, gifts, laughter, those symbols together make up the parts of the Mid Autumn Festival
The bright moon is in the sky, and the blooming moon is full on a festive night
The stuffy weather cannot stop the hot hearts of all Yison's staff
Laughing and Opening the National Day Holiday, Unlimited Enthusiasm Performs a Different Mid Autumn Festival
Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, I wish everyone happiness, health, and happiness in the coming months
Bathing in the autumn breeze, as far as the eye can see, everything is beautiful; All that one hears is joy


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