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October Monthly Meeting Review | Enhancing Cohesion and Building an Efficient Team
In the blink of an eye, summer has become a story, and autumn has become a scenery
During the golden autumn season, Yison welcomed the October monthly conference
Games, food, laughter, motivation, those symbols stack together to constitute this summary meeting
Let's review the content of this meeting. Yison staffs are working together


Warm up game - name relay
Quickly familiarize oneself with each other and improve cohesion


Introduction of new employees
 new employees introduced themselves and the team size of Yisen continued to grow

September Work Summary
Strive forward with knowledge of shortcomings, set common goals, forge ahead as a rope

Video sharing
Video sharing was conducted for the October target and boost staffs motivation

Experience Sharing
After watching the video, members share their thoughts and inspire each other to move forward


October Yison's Birthday Party
Celebrate for October birthday staffs, after being serious, it is joyful


Food Carnival
How can we miss out on delicious food for our birthday party?


Enhance cohesion and compose a new chapter together
Yison Technology, Creating Miracles
Yison Staffs Joins Hands Together

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