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Grand introduction! YISON Chief Brand Experience Officer-Lucky!
Here is introduction of Lucky, you can learn more about Lucky!

Introduction to Lucky

"Lucky", YISON chief product experience officer, is positive and optimistic, enthusiastic and cheerful.Sometimes he is cute and lovely.Sometimes he is serious and rigorous.He loves music, is happy to share, and has an personal attitude to music.

YISON mascot image creation contains unique design concepts. Visually, the main colors of "Lucky" are orange and white. Orange represents optimism and vitality. And white represents happiness and frankness. The overall shape of "Lucky" is full of cuteness, lovely, interesting, energetic, warm and other characteristics, which injects a richer cultural connotation into the YISON brand. The earphones on his head and the YISON logo on his stomach are his unique symbol. The round shape and the smile of love for life, gives more vivid vitality, showing the genial and interesting side of the YISON brand.

This is first debut of Lucky.Do you like the cute and lovely “Lucky”?In the future, we will further extend the connotation of“Lucky”mascot image and  design related elements such as peripheral products. Let "Lucky" enters everyone's daily music life with different forms. Please stay tuned to see what we releasing products next!

YISON will always be along with 
your wonderful life!


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