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You don't know the secret recipe of rejuvenate
"Happy June 1st, Happy Childhood" activity start! Today, all members of YISON returned to childhood to participate in the Children's Day. In the melodious melody, happy smile, everywhere filled with a happy atmosphere!

"Now start the eighth set of radio gymnastics,step on the spot ..."a wonderful morning starts with vigorous radio gymnastics!

Children's Day can not be missed the two main theme "games" and "delicious food"!
“Children's Day level games”

The secret gifts are ready!The all-round development of "Moral, intellectual, physical,  beauty and labor" is already in place at the starting point! The head teacher "start" password out, let’s begin to break through!

Champion appear

Delicious barbecue
Delicious barbecue for everyone!All partners together to prepare barbecue, show the good barbecue skills, roast oysters, roast leek......

YISON family secret recipe for childishness
Work hard, enjoy life

YISON will always be along with 
your wonderful life!





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